Shot by steiv. in collaboration with David Brognon & Stéphanie Rollin
Exhibition Photos by Philippe Degobert at the Albert Baronian Gallery in Brussels.

A barely sketched outline or a contrario carefully mapped in the true, concrete and frightening sense of the term with Cosmographia (Gorée Island), 2015. A mad and monumental piece that physically archives the contradictory reality of the island to better organise its kidnapping. Synonymous with tourist escape in the 20th century, the island is primarily a desolate, deserted and cut-off place. A small prison territory, used as such to exclude undesirables, store them like more or less dangerous or perishable merchandise according to the times. Alcatraz, St Hélène, Makronissos and Gorée comprise a geographical and symbolic corpus with a double meaning, between evasion and confinement, that Brognon & Rollin decided to go and really trace out full-scale in situ, starting with Gorée Island (Senegal). An island that is a symbol of the trafficking and imprisonment of men by mankind, Gorée is home to the House of Slaves. Centimetre by centimetre, spanning more than 6 days, the 2,3km outline of the island was reproduced on paper, put in envelopes and sent to Brussels to be stored and classified, using an archive system chosen by the artists: a total of more than 3,064 geographical fragments and prison escapees before being reincarcerated and sealed in a merciless stainless steel shelving unit.

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